Friday, December 28, 2007

A Young Politicado's Prayer To God

Dear Lord, how are you? I know we haven’t spoken in awhile and things have most likely have been busy for both of us. I know I have been. Finals have been ridiculous and you have had to deal with the fact that your chosen people are killing each other off at an alarming rate in the sand….not to pass judgment or anything, but can you maybe get all that shit under control? I mean, they have been at it for more than two thousand years. You would think that you would maybe push them in a direction that we can all enjoy, but I digress. I really just want to talk politics.

Now, I have just recently got into this whole game and I find it really fascinating, but I have to say…shit is getting shabby. Our intelligence agencies have more holes and leaks in them than a Taiwanese brothel, our courts are fighting over things that have no bearing on our day to day lives, and our political hierarchy is a punch line. Once again, if this is supposed to be your favorite nation, which according to the very reliable source, Pat Robertson, it is, you would think you would have a hand on the wheel, so to speak. I know you have been tied being omnipotent and everything, but seriously, you have got to get your fucking ducks in a row, God. That is where my request comes in.

All I am asking for, as a young man, is a competent administration this next time around. No more fake wars, No more wire taps, and no more fear of our government. I just want a political scene that I am not embarrassed as hell of. I just want a president that I can say that I am proud to be behind. Hell, I guess I am really wanting is hope. I know you can do it for not only me, but for everyone. Be a pal, God. That’s all I am asking.

P.S. Sorry about all the swearing…

P.P.S. Oh yeah, great job on getting Saddam hung. That was fucking sweet.

P.P.P.S. Sorry about the swearing again…

In The Name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost,
-J.Partridge, The Enemy



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