Friday, December 21, 2007

The Pastry Gang War of 2007

We had to spend most of the morning hauling chairs and bleachers from several of our WF locations, and about an hour ago, as I was following the truck, we had to come to a sudden stop. Why? Because two gangstas, in separate cars, were stopped... side by side... in the middle of the road... arguing.

I'm not gonna lie. I started to get scared. I hate to seem racist or stereotypical, but downtown Wichita Falls isn't exactly the most respectable area of the city... and I was almost sure one of them was going to pull a "gat" and "pop" the other one right there in the middle of the road. Even worse, I feared being hit by a stray bullet.

Well... one of the gangstas DID pull something out to use as a weapon...

It was at that point when Gangsta #1 screamed "fuck you, bitch!" and launched a HUNNY BUN... yes, a tasty, glazed pastry... at Gagsta #2's car. Then Gansta #1 sped away with his enemy on his tail.

I was laughing at the absurdity of the whole ordeal but then I had a thought.

Wouldn't it be great if gang members put their guns in the ground and used honey buns instead? Or better yet... if they all lived in harmony, finding peace at the center...

the center…

of a tasty, glazed pastry?

Think about it.

- Justin Dudley

1 comment:

June said...

Now that is classic. I see blockbuster baby, "Smoking Buns". Title can be used across an array of films.


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