Saturday, December 8, 2007

I'd love to give the world a Vicodin

I was planning on opening this blog with a line like: "After a little more than a years absence, I have made my triumphant return to the world of blogging!", but such a statement would be deceptive. For example, using the word "triumphant" in any sentence describing the last year and my life would be quite a stretch. Alas, I cannot look at a single event in the last 341 days and claim a victory of any sort (except for a few sexual encounters that I am particularly proud of). Of course, an argument can be made that I haven’t tasted triumph in the 25 years that I have inhabited this planet, and it seems that every year I make a promise to myself (and my readers) that a change will come; a new course charted. Incidentally, I’ve become the boy who cried wolf. But I promise that 2008 will be different. I pinky swear. I swear on my great grandmothers grave. I swear on Barack Obama's audaciously righteous campaign (*awaits audible gasp from those who know me well). This blog will be a journal marking my progress. In addition, several of my more creative friends have volunteered to take part in this “blogazine”, providing them an outlet to express their views, short stories, essays, and rants. Whether the subject at hand is politics, movie and music reviews, rants on the downfall of society, sexual techniques, point/counterpoint debates, or strange, chemically-stimulated dialogue/conversational transcripts, our goal is to never be boring.

So welcome to THE Justin Dudley CENTURY!

Our Mission: to be - Insulting. Abrasive. Stimulating. Egotistical. Satiric. Spiritual. Melancholy. Caustic.

Let the games begin.

Keep on rockin’ in the free world,

- Justin Dudley

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