Thursday, December 13, 2007

"You look at me in disgust and all I see in you is potential!" - Frodrick Q. Roosevelt

Allow me to post a strange little text message conversation with a girl whom I’ve been Myspace friends with for nearly a year and whom I’ve met, in the flesh, only once. A meeting, I might mention, that I believed was a success in that we had a good time. Shortly after, she began ignoring me. By “ignore”, I mean that I called a few times, sent a couple of text messages, and didn’t get a response. And that, literally, is that.

Me: hey, kid. i’m sorry if i’ve been a pest lately. i hope i’m not too deep into your shit list.

Her: …my god.U didn’t do anything.U piss me off bc u wont get off my ass calling,texting,and messaging all the time. i dont like people bugging the shit out of me.

Me: This is where youre being dramatic. A text every other day and a call a week can hardly be classified as how you describe it. If youd like me to take the time to prove this then i will.

Her: Thats a lot when i dont respond and obviously want space. I dont know any other way to put it.

Me: That would make more sense to me if we had anything more than a bizarre, casual friendship. Weve met once and you already need space? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? Perhaps its even more ridiculous to care but I take this bullshit personally.

Her: I dont need to prove shit. I need u to quit being a weird ass.

Me: Calling me weird in this would be funny if it didnt offend me. Youre being unreasonable and cruel, kid. But whatever. merry christmas anyway.

Now, it some cases I’ll admit that I have come on strongly in the past to other girls, but this particular relationship (if it can be defined that way in any classical sense of the word) is exactly how I’ve described it. She’s an interesting girl, and I won’t insult her or trash talk her on a blog, but I felt I had to post that conversation because it’s the strangest thing worth mentioning that’s happened to me in… well, the last 20 minutes.

And now for something completely different.

The idea for the J.D.C. (the physical phenomenon, not the blog) came to me as an epiphany after being dumped by someone I should’ve dumped first (and tried a few times unsuccessfully). For a short 45 minutes, I found myself depressed. That weak, un-manly trait soon gave away to bitter resentment. And in this state of mind, I set about a new philosophy. Soon thereafter, I determinedly sat down at my computer and posted a sort of mission statement on my Myspace blog.

You can read it here.

In it, I made a vow to myself that I would accomplish goals that I should have set and followed through on a LONG time ago.

Among them...

  • to find a better paying, more fulfilling job
  • get back into school
  • find a WOMAN on my level

But most importantly, these would be caveats in a large, grand plan.

To make this century MINE.

And with the accomplishment of the first vow (which I shall call Project Lightening Claw, to give it a James Bond-ian feel), I can report confidently that my plan is going exactly how... I... um, planned.

I am now a proud employee of the Wichita Falls Boys and Girls Club. My position is that of a membership coordinating assistant, dealing primarily as the "heartbeat" of the organization's administrative department. The pay is excellent (for THIS particular area), the benefits even more so (because they're FREE, my babies!), and the opportunity for promoting higher in the organization is promising. I doubt this will be my life's career, but it's most certainly a positive step in the right direction. For the first time in a long, long time... I'm excited about my future. I'm excited about a goal accomplished. And I'm most certainly excited about MY century.

As for the remaining two goals?

Operations Flaming Indoctrination, and Findapussy are currently in progress.


June said...

Yes, it is all going as I have forseen * rubbing hands together with devious look* (or as you have at least). As for the texting convo, well bitches are crazy and evil. Some more crazy and some more evil so you have to compromise somewhere.

Anonymous said...

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