Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Wish..

I wish I could watch my life through a glass or a mirror so that I could remember everything I saw. Because between you and me I can't remember shit.

I'm pretty sure that I would probably go back in time and kinda kick my ass and the asses of others for the crazy shit that happens.

I wish that I could save the world.
As a little kid, I was like any other, rendered uttlery useless by the powers of tv, Captain Planet! was the culprit. Let's save the world kids! Yay! And then at the end of the show I was like...Holy Shit I wanna be a superhero.

So I wish I were a superhero.

I wish the world really was flat. I blame Christopher Columbus. Prick.

I wish there were less days in a month and more hours in a day.

I wish I could get smarter without getting older.

I wish I had telepathy.

Sometimes I wish life was a cartoon and we could just be funny.

I wish that all of the time in the day could be like the time right between sunrise and the beginning of a new day. That would be great. That would make a great movie...Jack Black in The day without a day..dun dun dun..its a comedy, thriller, drama, tearjerker, documentary about a guy who wakes up one day and finds out thats all there is...just a day that has no day whatsoever. Does he find the day, hell no. Does he just sleep all of the time...mmmm, no. Will his life change once the day comes back...what the hell are you talking about? Its just a day without a day. You wake up thats all there is. End scene. Millions.

I wish that I could fly.

I wish I could invent something. The guy that made Breathrite nose strips had a friggen paperclip up his nose when he came up with that crap. A paperclip. And now a bandaid that you put on your nose to help you breathe better. Millions.

I wish I could invent something like Ron Popeil. Just set it and forget it.Millions.

I wish I could be invsible at random times during the day...not all the time just sometimes.

I wish I had a billion Myspace friends, so that I could possibly be the most popular gperson in the world. Mwuhahaha. I don't even know why that would impress me, but I think it would impress anyone.



THE Justin Dudley whose Century is HIS said...


that is awesome.

ya know what i wish? i wish you would post more often.

and i wish i would as well. i've been slacking lately. slacking in my own goddamned century. ugh.

June said...

Well you know what they say about wishing in one hand...
Ha, screw them they are just a bunch of losers who are pissed off b/c they failed! I completely believe you can accomplish these things. Of course, most of them will require some very strong drugs, but we can set that up :D


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